nikos tsiachris - flamenco guitar, composition
martin auer - trumpet, flugelhorn
martin lillich - double bass
diego pinera - drums

Rasgueo is formed on June 2012 in Berlin by four musicians with different artistic influences.

Nikos Tsiachris (g) has studied classical and flamenco guitar, Martin Auer (tp) is a versatile jazz trumpeter, Martin Lillich (db) apart of classical and jazz music has studied different ethnic music styles and Diego Pinera (dr) is a renowned drummer in latin, jazz and popular music.

The band creates a bridge between contemporary jazz and flamenco, though influences from classical and folk music are not excluded. All of these styles form the band´s sound, which is easily recognizable in its own compositions.

The bandleader Nikos Tsiachris grew up in a musical family in Greece. He learnt his first guitar chords from his father as a child and later studied cello, classical and flamenco guitar. He holds a degree in Musicology from the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has lived in Berlin since 2005 where he performs with several artists.
In addition to numerous concerts, he composes as an autodidact and teaches at the Global Music Academy in Berlin.

The jazz trumpeter Martin Auer is a versatile musician who has no fear of contact with other musical styles. Since 1997 he has been active with his own quintet and numerous German and European big bands like Glenn Miller Orchestra and Summit Jazz Orchestra. Concert tours have taken him to England, Romania and America. Martin Auer is working among others as a lecturer for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Berlin, Saarland and Saxony.

Martin Lillich is a musical polyglot having performed in the theatre, variety, radio, new oriental music, Jazz, Greek, African, Afro-american, Afro-cuban, Afro-brazilian, and Iberian music. As an educator he was the head of the Bass program at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin from 1995 to 2005 and since 2010 he teaches at the Global Music Academy in Berlin.

Diego Pinera started playing the drums at the age of five years under the tutelage of his teacher Osvaldo Fattorusso. In 2002 he was already world-renowned scholar of the Berklee College of Music. Since 2003 he lives in Berlin and collaborates with various bandformations. With the band "Clave Azul", directed by the pianist Daniel Stawinski, he won in 2005 the Berlin Jazz & Blues Award. Besides his musical activities, he currently teaches at the Music School in Berlin-Mitte and at the Global Music Academy in Berlin.

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